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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on January 1st, 2023

Web Bug Traffic Count Report
February 1st, 2007

Understanding The Report
The table in this report illustrates the top 100 web sites that are benefiting from web bugs. This is based on a sample of 15006495 pages retrieved from 1408957 different sites.

The reader should note the following

  • Domain: We track the domain doing the bugging, not the site. In this way, if sites A and sites B had, as an example, images served from banner ad servers called and, the domain will be credited with having bugged two different sites.

  • Relative Traffic Weight: This is a cumulative sum of the weight of each bugged site. The weight of a bugged site originates from our referral report, and is a measure of how authorative a site is, based on the number of other sites that link to it. The idea is that the more authorative a site is, the more traffic it has. By calculating the cumulative sum of weights, we come much closer to ranking "buggers" by the amount of traffic they have bugged. This should have the effect of elevating the rank of buggers that focus on high traffic sites.

  • Type of Bugs: In this column, we list all the different tag types that were found referencing the specified domain. The percentage represents the number of bugged sites that use the specified tag. Since a single site may use multiple tags, these percentages can and often do exceed 100%.

DomainRelative Traffic WeightTypes of Bugs
googlesyndication.com347984 script[95.4%], iframe[1.5%], img[2.0%], s[2.2%], frame[0.4%], scr[0.0%], br[0.0%], scri[0.0%], sc[0.0%], input[0.0%]
google-analytics.com191938 script[98.1%], s[1.9%], meta[0.0%], 56[0.0%], scrip[0.0%], font[0.0%], cursive[0.0%], geenscript[0.0%], style[0.0%]
google.com123410 img[84.7%], script[8.1%], embed[3.5%], iframe[5.9%], s[0.2%], form[0.0%], frame[0.2%], im[0.0%], image[0.0%], input[0.1%], a[0.0%], textarea[0.0%], br[0.0%], iimg[0.0%], div[0.0%], ilayer[0.0%], xscript[0.0%], font[0.0%]
extreme-dm.com61186 img[100.0%], textarea[0.0%], bug[0.0%], script[0.0%], a[0.0%], font[0.0%]
wakwak.com35469 img[96.6%], frame[3.4%], script[0.3%]
x8.shinobi.jp34945 img[98.9%], script[38.2%], s[0.1%]
livedoor.com34532 script[17.7%], img[84.2%], frame[0.2%], iframe[0.9%], input[0.5%]
j8.shinobi.jp34499 script[98.0%], s[2.4%]
market-jp.net34031 img[100.0%], iframe[100.0%]
statcounter.com27707 script[93.5%], img[96.2%], s[1.4%], scrip[0.0%], br[0.0%], a[0.0%], i[0.0%], invalidtag[0.0%]
amazon.com27631 input[7.8%], img[73.4%], iframe[37.1%], script[3.5%], 1000[0.0%], i[0.1%], frame[0.3%], description[0.0%], br[0.0%], b6[0.0%], image[0.1%], div[0.0%], ffb[0.0%], cursive[0.0%], 1646[0.0%], marquee[0.0%], area[0.0%], span[0.0%], xiframe[0.0%], content[0.0%], embed[0.0%], im[0.0%], s[0.0%]
themaskedcumcumber.com25921 script[100.0%]
moneylinx.net24455 img[100.0%]
doubleclick.net24212 img[95.8%], script[47.5%], iframe[20.6%], layer[2.8%], ilayer[0.2%], s[0.5%], fca[0.0%], sc[0.0%], ing[0.1%], 1743[0.0%], 16b7[0.0%], i[0.0%], 8[0.0%]
sonnerie.net23271 iframe[87.9%], img[20.0%], script[2.0%], frame[1.3%], i[0.1%], embed[0.3%]
gemius.pl21836 script[80.0%], iframe[18.4%], img[2.0%], s[0.1%]
rambler.ru19300 img[99.8%], script[0.5%], iframe[0.1%], input[0.0%], i[0.0%], im[0.0%], 1000[0.0%]
linksynergy.com18372 img[98.0%], iframe[0.3%], script[1.8%], frame[0.4%], textarea[0.0%], bug[0.1%], s[0.0%], input[0.0%]
ebay.com16847 img[50.6%], script[54.3%], iframe[2.6%], frame[0.8%], input[0.9%], s[0.9%], meta[0.0%], i[0.0%], 1000[0.0%], cript[0.1%]
free-counters.net16558 img[100.0%]
yimg.com15686 img[90.2%], script[3.4%], input[9.6%], image[0.0%], embed[0.6%], im[0.1%], ig[0.0%], font[0.0%], br[0.0%], iframe[0.0%], 50[0.0%], div[0.0%]
sitemeter.com15593 script[80.5%], img[91.4%], s[3.1%], adv[0.0%], a[0.0%], 209[0.0%], g[0.0%]
list.ru15293 img[99.8%], iframe[0.2%], ilayer[0.0%], i[0.0%], 88e[0.0%], im[0.0%]
xiti.com15284 img[100.0%], script[0.0%], im[0.0%]
memberdoorway.com15191 img[100.0%]
yahoo.com14614 img[86.1%], frame[3.2%], iframe[1.2%], embed[0.1%], script[9.4%], input[2.0%], ilayer[0.0%], s[0.2%], span[0.0%], bug[0.1%], i[0.0%], a[0.0%], html[0.0%], div[0.0%], br[0.0%]
yadro.ru14390 img[100.0%], script[0.0%], ilayer[0.0%], iframe[0.0%]
hotlog.ru14180 img[99.9%], script[0.4%], im[0.0%], pics[0.0%], br[0.0%]
youtube.com13839 embed[94.6%], img[5.6%], embe[0.0%], iframe[0.1%], content[0.2%], br[0.0%], e[0.0%], div[0.1%], sound[0.0%], frame[0.0%], emb[0.0%], nullify[0.0%], 1000[0.0%]
wp.pl13462 img[84.9%], iframe[4.0%], script[17.1%], input[15.5%], frame[8.2%], bgsound[1.6%], ul[0.2%], embed[0.4%], td[0.2%]
mm-team.com13202 img[100.0%]
sieciaki.pl13202 img[100.0%]
pupile.com13201 img[100.0%], embed[100.0%]
tribalfusion.com13030 img[100.0%], iframe[2.2%], script[0.4%], s[0.6%]
overture.com12730 script[97.2%], img[1.9%], s[1.1%], input[0.1%]
travelnow.com12658 frame[3.7%], img[95.5%], iframe[0.9%], input[0.1%], script[1.2%], i[0.0%], im[0.0%]
streetmeatasia.com12506 img[100.0%], iframe[98.6%]
afcyhf.com12415 img[100.0%], i[0.0%]
liveperson.net12054 script[65.1%], img[67.8%], iframe[1.6%], s[1.0%], adv[0.1%], xcript[0.1%]
awltovhc.com11774 img[100.0%], i[0.0%] script[100.0%]
ian.com11280 iframe[33.5%], img[58.1%], i[0.4%], script[7.3%], input[4.7%], frame[12.4%] img[100.0%], input[100.0%], script[100.0%]
w3.org11184 img[99.9%], br[0.0%], span[0.0%], input[0.0%], i[0.0%], script[0.0%]
advertising.com10761 img[97.2%], script[75.8%], iframe[3.6%], embed[0.2%], bug[0.2%]
yandex.ru10585 img[69.6%], script[52.0%], s[0.1%], iframe[0.4%], embed[0.0%], frame[0.1%], a[0.0%], textarea[0.0%], ilayer[0.0%]
careermvp.com10235 img[100.0%], input[96.7%], frame[70.7%]
fastclick.net10045 script[73.2%], img[23.6%], s[0.4%], iframe[3.3%]
affili.net9992 img[100.0%], 2000[0.2%]
flickr.com9991 img[87.4%], script[23.4%], s[0.9%], content[0.3%], iframe[1.5%], a[0.0%], ff0[0.0%], frame[0.0%], td[0.0%], i[0.1%], im[0.0%], meta[0.1%], div[0.0%], input[0.0%]
bfast.com9967 img[96.1%], iframe[1.4%], script[10.2%], frame[0.2%], s[0.1%], bug[0.1%], input[0.1%], cursive[0.0%], bgsound[0.0%], im[0.0%], font[0.0%]
images-amazon.com9819 img[99.6%], input[6.7%], br[0.0%], i[0.1%], 8[0.0%], im[0.1%], marquee[0.0%], 5b4[0.0%], 40[0.0%], content[0.0%]
a8.net9703 img[100.0%], bug[0.0%], frame[0.0%], iframe[0.1%]
sedoparking.com9492 frame[56.4%], script[12.3%], img[31.7%], input[6.5%], iframe[8.1%]
tsthumbs.com9446 iframe[100.0%]
ed.gov9401 iframe[94.3%], frame[4.9%], img[0.8%]
wunderground.com9213 img[99.5%], iframe[0.3%], frame[0.7%], embed[0.2%], image[0.0%], textarea[0.0%], script[0.0%], a[0.0%]
qksrv.net9188 img[99.3%], iframe[0.5%], frame[0.7%], a[0.1%], bug[0.0%]
4jobs.com8965 img[77.0%], script[70.5%], input[20.2%]
affilimatch.de8919 script[99.2%], s[0.8%]
worldnewx.com8872 script[99.4%], s[0.6%]
pangora.com8835 img[100.0%]
wikimedia.org8698 img[99.7%], image[0.3%]
fc2.com8682 img[53.0%], iframe[30.0%], script[62.6%], embed[3.6%], input[1.8%], frame[0.3%], br[0.1%], image[0.1%], s[0.0%]
photobucket.com8490 img[97.9%], embed[3.1%], script[0.5%], input[0.8%], iframe[0.2%], image[0.8%], content[0.0%], i[0.0%], frame[0.0%], br[0.3%], im[0.0%], meta[0.0%], div[0.1%]
nedstatbasic.net8373 script[83.5%], s[1.2%], img[29.0%], im[0.1%], i[0.0%]
ftjcfx.com8296 img[100.0%]
spylog.com8280 img[100.0%], script[0.4%]
weather.com8187 input[13.4%], img[17.8%], script[77.1%], frame[2.3%], s[0.8%], iframe[0.7%], a[0.0%], image[0.0%]
beyond.com8107 img[100.0%], input[0.7%]
elandfall.com7980 img[100.0%]
tqlkg.com7916 img[100.0%], form[0.0%], 289[0.0%]
lduhtrp.net7765 img[99.9%], i[0.1%]
ladyboycock.com7657 iframe[98.5%], img[1.5%]
ladyboyguide.com7615 img[100.0%], image[25.3%], iframe[23.0%], input[23.0%]
paypal.com7554 input[34.5%], img[68.7%], p[0.2%], image[0.2%], frame[0.0%]
dtiserv2.com7507 iframe[100.0%], frame[1.4%], img[0.3%]
businesswire.com7477 iframe[97.4%], img[2.6%]
travelmvp.com7375 iframe[100.0%]
technorati.com7323 script[80.2%], img[22.1%], s[2.6%], iframe[0.3%], a[0.0%], div[0.0%]
hostingprod.com7311 script[99.9%], img[0.3%], input[0.1%], s[0.0%], frame[0.1%], embed[0.0%] script[46.4%], img[97.1%], iframe[2.9%], embed[6.0%], frame[0.7%], s[0.3%], image[0.1%], bbgsound[0.1%], input[0.1%]
shinystat.it7164 script[91.4%], img[80.0%], s[0.4%], f8b[0.0%], a[0.0%]
dtiserv.com7077 img[99.8%], iframe[6.8%], embed[1.2%], input[0.3%], script[0.5%]
tradedoubler.com6983 img[65.3%], script[50.4%], iframe[13.5%], frame[1.7%], s[0.5%], i[0.1%], embed[0.2%], a[0.1%]
tacoda.net6643 s[5.4%], script[93.7%], img[0.9%]
qq.com6622 img[82.4%], iframe[4.4%], script[17.5%], br[0.2%], embed[1.3%], image[0.0%], input[0.5%], frame[0.2%], textarea[0.0%], span[0.0%], a[0.0%]
akamai.net6568 img[93.4%], input[10.4%], ae4[0.0%], 14a[0.0%], 172[0.0%], script[10.0%], 89b[0.0%], 953[0.0%], 980[0.0%], embed[0.7%], a9f[0.0%], b27[0.0%], a7d[0.0%], im[0.0%], 922[0.0%], 933[0.0%], 859[0.0%], 83f[0.0%], a[0.0%], marquee[0.0%], image[0.0%], 850[0.0%], 87e[0.0%], 1000[0.0%], 825[0.0%], 963[0.0%], a35[0.0%], 969[0.0%], 9e7[0.0%], s[0.0%], 50[0.0%]
feedburner.com6418 img[90.0%], script[20.7%], iframe[0.1%], s[0.5%], a[0.0%], embed[0.1%], font[0.0%], textarea[0.0%], div[0.0%], frame[0.1%], content[0.0%], span[0.0%]
adriver.ru6387 iframe[78.8%], img[84.1%], script[17.0%], s[0.2%]
valuecommerce.com6380 iframe[61.0%], script[58.8%], img[99.3%], bug[0.0%], frame[0.1%], s[0.2%]
alexa.com6205 img[22.7%], script[76.1%], iframe[1.6%], link[0.3%], s[0.8%], input[0.1%]
modelsglobal.com5909 img[100.0%]
bravenet.com5674 script[72.5%], img[50.5%], iframe[1.1%], frame[0.4%], div[0.0%], s[0.2%], ffb[0.0%], meta[0.0%]
webmasterplan.com5544 img[69.8%], script[8.6%], iframe[21.0%], frame[1.8%], input[0.2%], s[0.4%]
zanox-affiliate.de5422 img[74.2%], frame[21.5%], iframe[6.2%], embed[4.1%], script[5.4%], s[0.5%], input[0.3%], bug[0.1%]
nifty.com5362 img[89.4%], frame[7.8%], script[3.4%], input[0.4%], iframe[1.7%], embed[0.3%], link[0.1%], bgsound[0.1%]
free.fr5347 img[80.8%], frame[12.7%], iframe[3.8%], script[5.6%], bgsound[0.1%], embed[1.8%], input[0.3%], image[0.1%], font[0.0%] img[96.4%], iframe[4.1%], script[4.2%], ilayer[1.2%], br[0.0%], im[0.1%], bug[0.0%], i[0.0%], 1000[0.0%], input[0.1%], frame[0.0%], textarea[0.0%], div[0.0%]
shinystat.com5169 script[64.7%], img[96.9%], s[0.8%]

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