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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on October 1st, 2020

Certificate Authority Market Share Report
April 1st, 1999

Report Description
This report, much like our original certs and CAs report, focuses on issuers of SSL enabling certificates found on web servers. Unlike our original report, however, this report has a couple of key differences to it:

  • Reports on top 100 CAs. The original report only paid attention to the major CAs at the time the report was produced. This report lists the top 100 CAs for the month. You will find here many self-signing organizations such as universities, telecommunications firms, etc.
  • Uses issuer name as identifier. Our original report only counted a certificate towards an organization if we were able to prove, by virtue of verifying the key, that the organization in question actually signed the certificate. This had a notable problem with it - we don't always have the public key of the CA. In at least one case, a CA doesn't make their public key available unless you sign a license agreement.

    This report doesn't have that problem, since it only uses the issuer Organization Name to uniquely identify the issuing CA.

CA March 1999
March 1999
February 1999
February 1999
WWW Service9091.6400.00N/A
BusinessNet Danmark1500.271560.28-2.65
Esat Net1490.27150.03905.73
CETI s.c.1200.221160.214.74
SGH Internet Division880.16880.161.25
Web Hosting840.15860.15-1.11
BelSign NV800.14830.15-2.41
Netland Internet Services720.13730.13-0.14
Onyx Internet680.12690.12-0.22
Franke & Partner680.12700.12-1.64
DeZines Web Hosting670.12690.12-1.69
TAT GmbH620.11630.11-0.36
Communique, Inc.590.11610.11-2.07
Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH460.08470.08-0.91
Indra's Net, Inc.450.08450.081.25
MBnet Networking Inc.420.08420.071.25
Vest Internett A/S410.07390.076.44
Snake Oil, Ltd410.07190.03118.48
Inter Clear Service Ltd400.07450.08-10.00
Internet Widgits Pty Ltd390.07670.12-41.06
Alleanza I.T.B.380.07360.066.87
ANET St. Louis350.06360.06-1.56
Wantree Internet330.06320.064.41
TC TrustCenter for Security in Data Networks GmbH300.05310.06-2.02
Kommunikationsysteme ShE GmbH290.05300.05-2.13
For Demo Purposes Only290.05320.06-8.24
ChilNet S.A.270.05270.051.25
Aktiv!NETZ Internet Presentations GmbH270.05280.05-2.37
Covalent Technologies, Inc.260.05330.06-20.23
Thawte Consulting250.05250.041.25
Superb Internet Corp.250.05180.0340.62
Internet Marketing Services, LLC250.05250.041.25
Webkeepers Limited240.04280.05-13.22
Resource Marketing, Inc.240.04240.041.25
IndyWeb Inc.220.04220.041.25
HAL interactive d.o.o.220.04220.041.25
Sistema S.A210.04210.041.25
Powersurge Technologies, Inc.210.04220.04-3.35
CompuSource (Pty) Ltd190.03220.04-12.56
the Internet Outlet180.03230.04-20.76
dgSoft Internet Sevices180.03180.031.25
Walrus Internet180.03190.03-4.08
Netlink, Inc.180.0300.00N/A
Internet CZ (EUnet Czechia)170.03170.031.25
Digital Visions170.03140.0222.94
UUNET Internet Africa160.03160.031.25
Rifin d.o.o.160.03160.031.25
MFM Communication Software, Inc.160.03170.03-4.71
IPS Seguridad CA160.03210.04-22.86
Human Interaction snc160.03160.031.25
Eunet Ireland160.03160.031.25
CertiSign Certificadora Digital Ltda160.03180.03-10.00
WorldSpice Technologies, Inc.150.0300.00N/A
University of Economics and BA150.03140.028.48
Internet Solutions150.03150.031.25
InterX Technologies150.03150.031.25
My Company Ltd140.03120.0218.12
HTML.COM LC140.0300.00N/A
Cybergate Webhosting140.03120.0218.12
Bewley Internet Solutions Inc.140.0300.00N/A
TheCapitol.Net, Inc.130.02140.02-5.98
QuikNet Inc.130.02130.021.25
Marketwizz Internet Solutions130.02130.021.25
IP Ltd130.02130.021.25
Fishnet NewMedia130.02130.021.25
Clever Computers Inc130.0200.00N/A
Baeurer Informationstechnik120.02120.021.25
A+S Systemtechnik120.02120.021.25
Web Anchor, Inc110.02110.021.25
Tartu University110.02110.021.25
QuakeNet Technologies110.02110.021.25
ITnet sp. z o.o.110.02110.021.25
Comdesign GmbH - Internet Service Center (TM)110.02110.021.25
Canadian Consulting & Online Services Inc.110.02130.02-14.33
CLS Internet Services GmbH110.0200.00N/A
WOL Online100.02100.021.25
Virtual Computer Ltd100.02100.021.25
Teksupport Pty Ltd100.02110.02-7.96
AS Matti Byrootehnika100.0200.00N/A
Xtended Internet90.0200.00N/A
Verio Northeast CA90.02110.02-17.16

Note: Readers are cautioned that the Growth percentages are based on a CA's market share penetration rather than the absolute number of certificates we detected. Thus, it is possible for the number of certificates to increase, while the growth is actually a negative value.

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