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Security Audits
Security Audits are automated remote audits that provide you with an external view of how vulnerable your network and servers are to potential trojans and 74190 vulnerability tests. Providing details on the findings and recommended solutions, this popular service is the most comprehensive and cost-effective auditing service on the internet.
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Managed DNS Services
Need better control over DNS? Use SecuritySpace's Managed DNS services and receive the benefit of a distributed network of DNS servers, easy to use web interface, the ability to configure an unlimited number of A, CNAME, MX and NS records, all for one incredibly low price of $11.95/domain per year.
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Network Monitor
Monitor your network's availability and performance, with real-time email alerts upon detecting no response from devices. Supporting both SSL and non-SSL server monitoring, mail server monitoring, and ICMP (ping) based monitoring, the service provides real-time graphs showing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance and up-time data.
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Site Analyzer
Site Analyzer examines the content of an entire web site, crawling the site collecting statistics on page types, sizes, images and other imbedded content, broken links and images and more. Use on-demand to ensure that your web-site presence doesn't contain broken links, images, and more.
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