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Untersuchung sicherer Server
February 1st 2007

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Report Description

The certificate authorities listed in this report are based on those where we can verify the full certificate chain up to the root certificate of the CA in question. For a number of reasons, the "Other" component in this report is rather large. These reasons include:

  1. In some cases CAs require you to agree to licensing terms before accessing their public keys. Any root public key not freely available is not included in this report, and the associated certificates signed by the key will be in the "Other" category.
  2. Some of the root public keys are inaccessible for other reasons, or may have simply not been included in our survey.
  3. This report limits itself to the top 7 verified root keys for reporting purposes (with the exception of self signed certificates, that are all grouped together in a single category).

An alternative view of the CA market can be seen in our newer CA Market Share report which does not rely on certificate chain validation, and reports on the top 100 CAs known.

Across All Domains

Veränderung des Marktanteils der Certificate Authoritys1 (Server insgesamt: 297,574 )

Authority2 January
Anteil %
>Anteil %
Änderung %
Self Signed25,6748.63%25,3748.71%-0.08%
1Visit our alternative CA Market Share report for a view of CAs not covered here.
2Die Certificate Authorities (CA) sind nach ihrem globalen Marktanteil geordnet.

February 1st 2007 CA Market Share Pie Chart

February 1st 2007 Historical Market Share Graph

Gültigkeit von Zertifikaten

Gültig   114569
Self Signed   25674
Unknown Signer   114240
Cert-Host Mismatch   30737
Expired   25042

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