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Monitoring service of 5 devices,
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intervals, email alerts, real-time
graphs and more. Limit of one
free trial per customer.

Choice of monitor point - For each device, you have the flexibility of choosing any one of our monitoring sensors located in Houston USA, Washington D.C. USA, Miami USA, Fremont California, USA, London UK, Vienna Austria, and Toronto Canada.

Email alerts - Email notification will be sent according to the parameters you configure for each device, such as whether to notify if one or all monitoring sensors report the device as unavailable, if the application response is incorrect, keyword or content is missing, etc. An alert is sent when a device goes off-line as well as when we detect the device coming back into service.

Variety of devices - monitored devices include:

15 minute frequency - we monitor your devices 24X7, up to every 15 minutes.

Password-protected URLs - Web pages protected via HTACCESS files may be monitored if a userid and password are provided.

POST URL checking - This feature simulates the action of a user submitting an on-line form and measures the response. This is useful for examining the response and sanity of login scripts, payment process, order forms, and other back-end applications.

Page/file size checking - Verifing the file size in both exact & range checks can detect file modifications or corruption.

Keyword checking - make sure that certain keywords exist every time a page is retrieved, or a form is submitted by POST checking. This is useful for testing for file corruption, website defacement, or application mishaps.

DNS Checking - check the uptime and responses of DNS servers. Verify A, CNAME, MX and PTR record pointer values are set correctly.

Error management - Choose to send alerts if any or all monitoring sensors report the device in error; if a device outage exceeds a period of time; send/resend alert notifications if devices remain offline for a given period of time.

Error Trace - Traceroutes from our monitoring sensors to your device are conducted whenever an error occurs, allowing you to diagnose failure reasons.

Public devices - User can mark any device public, allowing images and reports to be viewed without logging in (useful for including the graphs into your own web pages).

Alert Profiles - Specify profiles that determine who receives notification of alerts, and under what conditions they receive notifications. Unlimited alert notification addresses may be specified.


  • present real-time performance graphs in comparison with the internet average response time, on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis,
  • event logs provide historical access to device problems
  • provide downloadable raw data (in Comma Separated Values format) for further analysis.


# of Devices 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
1-5 Devices $5/device $15/device $30/device $50/device
Additional (>5) devices $4/device $12/device $24/device $40/device

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