Network Monitor Prices & Features

Prices (in USD) Standard Advanced Enterprise
per month per year per month per year per month per year
     1-5 Devices (per device) $5 $50 $10 $100 $25 $250
     Additional (>5) devices $4 $40 $8 $80 $20 $200
     Credits provided per device 31 366 62 732 155 1830
     Credits consumption rate (per device per day) 1 2 5
Monitoring Capabilities 
     Polling frequency 15 min5 min1 min
     Number of sensors1 per deviceUp to 5 per deviceUp to 5 per device
     Sensor LocationsUSA, Europe, CanadaUSA, Europe, CanadaUSA, Europe, Canada
     HTTP and HTTPSYesYesYes
     Password protected web pagesYesYesYes
     POST Form SubmissionYesYesYes
     Email (SMTP & POP3)YesYesYes
     High Frequency Ping Monitor (every second)  Yes
Content Analysis Capabilities 
     DNS Data Integrity ChecksYesYesYes
     File size checkingYesYesYes
     Keyword checkingYesYesYes
     Check for broken links1 YesYes
     Check for missing images1 YesYes
Reporting Capabilities 
     Real-time graphsYesYesYes
     Error Event LogsYesYesYes
     False alert error managementYesYesYes
     Per-device problem escalationYesYesYes
     Alerts to multiple addressesYesYesYes
     Compare to internet averageYesYesYes
     Raw data downloadYesYesYes
     Optional public viewingYesYesYes
1Available as part of a bundled Site Analyzer package.

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