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                            November 3rd, 2019  

1)  New: Vulnerability test suite now stands at 75,017 tests
2)  Security News Feed: Terminated
3)  Subscription / Removal Information


1) New: Vulnerability test suite now stands at 75,017 tests.

   View the full complement at

2) Security News Feed: Terminated

   We have regretfully taken the decision to stop posting any more links
   to news stories to our site.  The decision is in part due to the
   increasingly pervasive policy of news sites to restrict access to their
   stories behind registration links of one form or another.

   While we certainly understand the decision these sites have taken to
   attempt to more accurately profile users and thus monetize their content,
   we have taken the stance that while we might provide an implicit
   endorsement of content by directing a user to a story of interest that we
   have previously reviewed,  we draw the line at endorsing a SITE that
   forces a user to reveal details of themselves in order to get at content.

   So instead, we will close this section of our feed permanently by
   highlighting some of the more interesting web sites over the years
   on which we have found articles of interest, and which continue to offer
   content to users without charge. In no particular order, our
   favourites have included:

	The Register ( )
	ZDNet	     ( htts:// )
   	Slashdot     ( )

   I'm sure there are others that we've missed...

3) Subscription/Removal Information

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