October 2021

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                            October 15th, 2021  

            Celebrating more than 20 years of online services


1) New Service: Bookkeeping Online
2) New: 2-Factor Authentication now available
3) New: Vulnerability test suite now stands at 99,761 tests
3) Subscription / Removal Information


1) New Service: Bookkeeping Online

   We are happy to announce the beta launch of our new service, 
   bookkeeping online.   Save time and money with

   	o) Standard double entry book keeping.
	o) Expense tracking
	o) Accrual, cash, and modified cash accounting.
	o) Multi-user support
	o) Unlimited invoices, customers, vendors, users
	o) All the standard financial reports you need.
	o) Import of ledger/customer data from other systems
	o) Share your data with your accountant

   Right now - during our Beta trial - for free!  $99/year thereafter.

   For more information, visit

2) New: 2-Factor Authentication now available.

   To improve the security of user accounts, we've added what is known
   as 2 factor (or multi-factor) authentication.  Users have the ability
   to add phone numbers to their account, and then to require that logins
   include a code that is texted to your phone.

   Up to 3 different phone numbers can be added to your account, allowing
   any of them to be used to complete the login process when 2 factor
   authentication is enabled.

   2 Factor authentication is optional, but a great way to improve the
   security of access to your SecuritySpace account.

   Setup is available after logging in under "My Account".

2) New: Vulnerability test suite now stands at 99,761 tests.

   Our security auditing services continue to grow - we now have more than
   99,761 tests available for each audit.

   View the full complement at

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