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Web Scan Network Audit -- An Internet Security Service

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA - August 19, 1999 (INB) -- E-Soft Inc., introduces Web Scan, a network auditing service that gives system administrators the ability to audit their Internet presence for potential network misconfiguration and security vulnerabilities.

Running from E-Soft's site, Web Scan provides an external view of one's network on a repeatable and reliable basis. It sweeps a site's Class C network, reports on active hosts and DNS inconsistencies, performs a TCP/IP port scan on specified IP addresses and reports on ports that are open and services running on them. E-mail alert messages are generated whenever a scheduled audit is completed, or when audits detect changes in the network from a previous audit.

Users can log in and configure when the scans are run, the hosts to be scanned, the types of scans to be executed, as well as perform other housekeeping functions. Scan on Demand provides the flexibility of invoking an immediate scan on a given configuration.

All user data is kept strictly confidential and secure using SSL. Report data is stored online, accessible via a sign-on mechanism through E-Soft's secure web server.

Services are split into two categories: a well-known services scan targeting 1500+ ports known to be used for a variety of services, and a full port scan, scanning all 65,535 ports on a system.

A well-known service scan costs from $60 for a single IP scan to $80 weekly for a full Class C network (254 IP's). A full port scan costs from $150 for a single IP scan to $200 weekly for a full Class C network(254 IP's).

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