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Burlington, ON, March 20, 2000 -- It's new, it's free and it's designed to keep hackers from breaching your computers. Launched today, http://www.SecuritySpace.Com is a powerful new portal providing a one-stop-shop for Internet security related news, resources, tools and services.

At the heart of SecuritySpace.Com is a comprehensive suite of tools that can be used to identify, understand and fix security vulnerabilities open to a potential cyber-attack. For example, the Desktop Audit is designed to identify security holes and then suggest possible solutions in a clear, easily understood language.

With vulnerabilities identified, one can source solutions to the security holes at SecurityZone, the portal's one-stop-shop for web security products and services. SecurityZone provides links to major vendors in categories such as Virus Scanning, Intrusion Detection, Firewalls, Vulnerability Assessments and Secure Email.

For high tech editors, journalists and web professionals, SecuritySpace.Com offers the only free Secure Web Server Survey currently available. Released monthly, both the Secure Web Survey and the Web Server Survey detail software marketshare trends across the entire Internet and by domain (.com, .ca, etc.), providing current marketshare data along with historical trend lines for the last year.

Security News provides links to the latest Internet security news coverage in a single, easy to access location. Other SecuritySpace.Com offerings include: WebProbe, a server query service; Whois, for top level domain and IP lookup; and Hacked Sites, information on the latest hacks.

"As a lead consultant for Canada Trust's EasyWeb project, I saw an overwhelming need for a single information source to help users understand, assess, and act on Internet security issues," says Thomas Reinke, CEO of E-Soft and publisher of SecuritySpace.Com. "SecuritySpace.Com was developed as one-stop shop that would help end-users and web professionals alike access reliable security news and information in an easy and simple fashion."

At a time when online security risks run high, SecuritySpace.Com provides a single online resource people can find reliable, current information on Internet security issues. To secure your website, surf over to

SecuritySpace.Com is published by E-Soft Inc., a Canadian company that specializes in Internet security, e-commerce solutions and application development.


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