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New Security Audits Radically Reduce Cost of Securing Your Website

Burlington, ON, July 18, 2000 --, http://www.SecuritySpace.Com, a leading security portal, today launched the Desktop Security Audit, a new tool that will revolutionize the cost of finding and fixing website and PC-based security holes. Built on an ASP model, the Desktop Security Audit is an easy-to-use tool that enables users to determine if their computers are vulnerable to over 460 different types of cyber-attacks, including Windows based attacks, denial of service attacks, root exploits, CGI abuses, mail server vulnerabilities, and firewall vulnerabilities.

While equivalent audits from security professionals typically cost thousands of dollars, pricing of the Desktop Security Audit ranges from free for a simple port scan and single vulnerability tests, to $99 for a comprehensive audit involving over 460 tests.

"At a time when online security risks run high, business managers are beginning to recognize the importance of Internet security, and take steps to plug their security holes before a hacker finds them," says Thomas Reinke, the Director of Technology for "Leveraging the use of an open source vulnerability assessment package, our tool gives companies the access to the information normally offered by a security expert's audit, for just a fraction of the cost. Using open source contributions also allows us keep the tests up-to-date with current security issues."

"Security vulnerabilities are not a fixed target. Managers need regular, comprehensive information to maintain a secure website." says Reinke, a key architect consultant for the development of EasyWeb, Canada Trust's online banking website, "High costs are typically associated with security audits. The pricing of this new tool makes it reasonable for companies to run regular security audits."

At a time when online security breaches are rapidly increasing, SecuritySpace.Com provides a powerful auditing tool that offers incredible cost savings to help keep hackers out. To secure your website, surf over to

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