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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on September 1st, 2020

Web Bug Traffic Count Report
August 1st, 2009

Understanding The Report
The table in this report illustrates the top 100 web sites that are benefiting from web bugs. This is based on a sample of 23845605 pages retrieved from 1919248 different sites.

The reader should note the following

  • Domain: We track the domain doing the bugging, not the site. In this way, if sites A and sites B had, as an example, images served from banner ad servers called and, the domain will be credited with having bugged two different sites.

  • Relative Traffic Weight: This is a cumulative sum of the weight of each bugged site. The weight of a bugged site originates from our referral report, and is a measure of how authorative a site is, based on the number of other sites that link to it. The idea is that the more authorative a site is, the more traffic it has. By calculating the cumulative sum of weights, we come much closer to ranking "buggers" by the amount of traffic they have bugged. This should have the effect of elevating the rank of buggers that focus on high traffic sites.

  • Type of Bugs: In this column, we list all the different tag types that were found referencing the specified domain. The percentage represents the number of bugged sites that use the specified tag. Since a single site may use multiple tags, these percentages can and often do exceed 100%.

DomainRelative Traffic WeightTypes of Bugs
google-analytics.com148512 s[1.5%], script[98.5%]
googlesyndication.com125452 frame[0.7%], iframe[0.5%], img[3.2%], s[1.6%], script[95.0%]
google.com70430 embed[4.5%], frame[0.1%], iframe[13.8%], img[42.6%], s[0.8%], script[44.8%]
youtube.com43214 content[4.0%], embed[96.9%], iframe[0.2%], img[3.8%], script[1.4%]
statcounter.com26623 img[94.8%], s[1.9%], script[91.6%]
quantserve.com25848 img[98.8%], s[0.2%], script[95.4%]
revsci.net24519 script[99.9%]
nuseek.com21892 img[75.3%], input[100.0%]
yadro.ru21613 img[100.0%]
sedoparking.com21355 frame[37.2%], iframe[2.3%], img[54.7%], script[36.9%]
information.com20679 frame[81.8%], iframe[18.2%]
googleadservices.com19401 img[16.6%], s[0.4%], script[93.4%]
photobucket.com18286 br[0.2%], content[0.8%], embed[6.3%], iframe[0.1%], image[0.2%], img[97.1%], input[0.5%]
fc2.com17652 embed[4.8%], frame[0.2%], iframe[15.5%], image[0.1%], img[92.4%], input[2.7%], script[83.4%]
yimg.com16823 embed[2.4%], img[49.6%], input[4.8%], script[54.6%], span[0.1%]
blogger.com16379 content[2.6%], embed[6.5%], iframe[78.6%], img[94.0%], input[0.8%], script[62.2%]
yahoo.com15481 embed[0.8%], frame[2.9%], iframe[1.3%], img[86.5%], input[0.9%], s[0.4%], script[17.9%]
rambler.ru15460 embed[0.1%], img[99.5%], script[10.3%]
casalemedia.com15391 iframe[5.3%], img[0.1%], script[94.6%]
yandex.ru13902 embed[0.4%], iframe[0.3%], img[66.2%], script[67.2%]
flickr.com13453 content[1.5%], embed[4.3%], frame[0.1%], iframe[2.5%], img[90.7%], s[0.3%], script[11.2%]
addthis.com12904 img[70.0%], s[1.2%], script[90.1%]
amazon.com12405 embed[6.0%], frame[0.2%], iframe[39.6%], img[56.6%], input[4.3%], script[6.9%]
list.ru12308 iframe[0.2%], img[99.8%]
crwdcntrl.net11252 script[99.9%]
blogspot.com10860 br[0.1%], content[19.7%], frame[4.3%], iframe[1.9%], img[93.4%], input[0.2%], script[0.4%]
cnzz.com10295 img[0.5%], script[99.7%]
sitemeter.com9819 img[85.0%], s[1.2%], script[83.9%]
extreme-dm.com9120 img[100.0%]
deviantart.com9090 1f40[0.3%], embed[27.4%], i[0.5%], iframe[79.3%], im[0.3%], img[99.1%], script[79.6%]
images-amazon.com8682 img[99.7%], input[1.5%]
doubleclick.net8612 bnxiframe[0.7%], iframe[12.7%], img[87.7%], layer[0.3%], s[0.3%], script[36.2%]
blogblog.com8504 content[0.2%], img[99.8%]
deviantart.net8438 10f8[0.1%], 1f40[0.8%], 5a8[0.2%], a[0.1%], b50[0.2%], i[1.1%], im[0.9%], img[100.0%], s[0.8%], sc[1.5%], scr[0.6%], scri[0.2%], scrip[0.7%], script[99.3%]
wordpress.com8424 1000[0.2%], 5a8[0.1%], content[0.3%], embed[0.7%], frame[1.9%], i[1.0%], iframe[0.6%], im[0.7%], img[71.2%], input[2.3%], s[3.1%], script[59.6%] i[0.2%], iframe[14.0%], ilayer[0.2%], im[0.1%], img[92.5%], script[24.9%]
feedburner.com8029 div[1.2%], img[85.2%], s[0.6%], script[24.8%]
qq.com7932 br[0.1%], embed[1.7%], frame[0.1%], iframe[5.6%], img[87.5%], input[0.2%], script[10.8%]
secureserver.net7182 frame[0.2%], img[97.3%], input[71.6%], script[2.5%]
w3.org7083 img[99.9%]
xiti.com6534 img[100.0%]
linksynergy.com6502 img[97.3%], script[2.9%]
xrea.com6422 embed[0.3%], iframe[12.6%], img[94.6%], s[0.3%], script[81.3%]
gravatar.com6348 1000[0.2%], i[0.4%], im[0.5%], img[100.0%]
js.users.51.la6294 script[99.9%]
hotlog.ru6190 img[100.0%], script[0.2%]
spylog.com6151 img[100.0%], script[0.4%]
free.fr6127 bgsound[0.1%], embed[1.4%], frame[9.7%], iframe[7.7%], img[58.2%], input[0.4%], script[40.1%]
tns-counter.ru6120 img[100.0%]
snap.com6095 img[2.0%], input[0.1%], s[0.3%], script[99.0%]
a8.net6018 i[0.1%], img[100.0%]
bravenet.com5729 frame[0.2%], iframe[3.8%], img[41.4%], script[83.4%]
creativecommons.org5521 img[99.9%]
gemius.pl5412 iframe[0.9%], img[2.2%], s[0.1%], script[96.9%]
godaddy.com5336 img[100.0%], input[0.3%]
baidu.com5054 embed[0.3%], frame[0.5%], iframe[33.6%], img[23.2%], input[0.4%], s[0.1%], script[59.5%]
technorati.com4927 iframe[0.2%], img[59.9%], s[1.0%], script[47.9%]
cpxinteractive.com4871 iframe[9.3%], script[90.6%]
skyrock.com4844 frame[1.2%], img[98.6%], script[96.3%]
tinypic.com4680 br[0.1%], content[0.5%], embed[0.6%], img[99.4%], input[0.2%]
twitter.com4648 embed[33.7%], img[6.3%], s[1.4%], script[61.6%] embed[7.1%], iframe[92.0%], img[0.3%], script[7.5%]
begun.ru4572 img[2.2%], s[0.3%], script[98.6%]
img.users.51.la4509 img[100.0%]
etracker.de4485 img[99.9%], script[77.1%]
wunderground.com4461 embed[2.0%], frame[0.3%], iframe[0.6%], img[98.1%], script[0.1%]
adultfriendfinder.com4267 embed[17.2%], frame[0.7%], iframe[58.9%], img[17.1%], input[0.1%], s[1.3%], script[23.3%]
icq.com4142 embed[0.2%], img[99.6%], script[0.2%]
adobe.com4134 embed[0.3%], img[99.6%]
awltovhc.com3969 content[0.1%], img[99.9%], script[0.1%]
facebook.com3946 content[0.1%], embed[3.2%], frame[0.3%], iframe[0.5%], img[57.8%], s[0.2%], script[39.7%]
skyrock.net3859 img[100.0%]
ftjcfx.com3839 content[0.1%], img[99.9%], script[0.2%]
assoc-amazon.com3810 content[0.2%], img[69.6%], s[1.3%], script[47.2%]
toplist.cz3778 ilayer[0.3%], img[99.6%]
lduhtrp.net3715 img[99.9%]
valuecommerce.com3664 iframe[68.6%], img[99.4%], s[0.3%], script[66.5%]
narod.ru3636 bgsound[0.2%], embed[1.4%], frame[1.2%], iframe[1.3%], img[68.7%], input[1.4%], script[28.9%]
tqlkg.com3543 content[0.2%], img[99.9%]
tacoda.net3472 iframe[0.1%], img[0.4%], script[99.5%]
livejournal.com3461 content[2.4%], embed[0.7%], frame[0.3%], iframe[0.4%], img[98.9%], script[84.1%]
gmodules.com3453 iframe[7.1%], img[14.7%], s[1.1%], script[83.0%]
googleapis.com3440 s[1.2%], script[99.0%]
wikimedia.org3410 content[0.8%], img[99.4%], script[0.9%]
islive.nl3347 frame[1.6%], iframe[79.0%], img[21.8%], s[0.3%], script[14.0%]
match.seesaa.jp3262 s[0.3%], script[99.7%]
rbc.ru3230 embed[2.1%], img[94.6%], script[7.0%]
constantcontact.com3207 iframe[0.4%], img[99.3%], script[0.6%]
paypal.com3179 img[66.8%], input[35.8%]
geocities.com3139 a[0.7%], bgsound[0.6%], embed[3.5%], frame[15.7%], iframe[4.0%], img[74.2%], input[0.1%], script[4.3%]
yandex.net3136 embed[0.1%], img[99.9%], script[0.2%]
ggpht.com3110 content[1.7%], div[0.1%], img[99.4%]
multiply.com3109 content[0.2%], embed[19.6%], frame[0.3%], img[98.6%], script[92.4%]
imaging.jugem.jp3032 img[11.3%], script[99.8%]
weborama.fr3022 iframe[1.0%], img[5.1%], s[0.1%], script[97.5%]
a.alimama.cn3013 embed[0.7%], iframe[0.8%], script[99.3%]
tradedoubler.com3010 frame[0.3%], iframe[5.5%], img[45.7%], s[1.5%], script[55.0%]
51yes.com2989 iframe[0.9%], img[0.5%], script[99.7%]
vimeo.com2976 content[0.5%], embed[98.0%], img[1.1%], script[1.2%]
fastclick.net2962 iframe[1.3%], img[35.6%], s[3.1%], script[60.5%]

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