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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on March 1st, 2020

DNS Site Operator
April 1st, 2017

This report details the names and locations of all DNS servers on the internet, as well as the number of domains that are serviced by these servers. In this fashion, we can discover

  • the number of sites hosted by ISPs
  • the number of sites hosted by hosting companies that use an ISP's facilities, but run their own name servers
  • the number of sites hosted by specialty DNS service providers
  • the organizations that choose to operate their own DNS servers rather than to use those of their ISP/hosting provider.

The survey works by determining each month the authoritative name server for each host (and more accurately, each domain) in our survey. We then count the number of domains hosted on each DNS server.

Curious about the size of a the domain set handled by a particular ISP's name servers? Try searching for the ISP's name server. For example, to find Exodus' name servers, try


Top 20 by Host Name
The top 20 name servers ranked according to the number of domains handled by each name server, with a name server uniquely identified by its fully qualifed name, are shown below.

Name Server Name   Name Server IP   Domains
f1g1ns2.dnspod.net  628,114
f1g1ns1.dnspod.net  627,765
ns1.bluehost.com  418,830
ns2.bluehost.com  418,820
ns1.dreamhost.com  322,130
ns2.dreamhost.com  322,123
ns3.dreamhost.com  321,910
dns2.technorail.com  283,664
dns.technorail.com  283,663
dns3.arubadns.net  283,489
dns4.arubadns.cz  283,489
dns1.name-services.com  256,558
dns2.name-services.com  256,558
dns3.name-services.com  256,539
dns4.name-services.com  253,184
dns5.name-services.com  252,261
ns02.one.com  246,731
ns01.one.com  246,731
ns2.dns.ne.jp  244,703
ns1.dns.ne.jp  244,697

Survey Limitations
Our survey, while having an impressive 93,992,546 sites and 32,905,463 domains in the data set, does not include all web sites and domains. We only include those that we consider active, which, by our definition, means we found the site via a link from somewhere else. Sites not linked by anyone are by definition not included in the survey.

We also actively drop sites out of the survey that fail to respond 3 consecutive months to our HTTP queries. So, while a DNS server might still respond with information for a domain, if there is no active web site that we can reach for the domain in question, then the domain is not included in this survey at all, even if it still has other functioning services (such as email).

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