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Category: Windows

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ID # Risk Test Title Application CPE Detection Windows Shares over WMI Windows File-Shares, shared for Everyone for Windows 10 Cortana Search information on scanned Windows hosts Update to Improve Cryptography and Digital Certificate Handling (2854544) Windows Service Pack Missing Multiple Vulnerabilities SMB Signing Enabled and Not Required At Server SMB Signing Information Disclosure Vulnerability Office Excel ReadAV Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability RDP Server Private Key Information Disclosure Vulnerability .NET Framework Security Bypass Vulnerability Windows SMB Accessible Shares Windows Fraudulent Digital Certificates Spoofing Vulnerability Windows win32k.sys Driver 'CreateDIBPalette()' BOF Vulnerability Visual Studio Insecure Library Loading Vulnerability Office Products Insecure Library Loading Vulnerability SharePoint '_layouts/help.aspx' Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability Windows DNS Devolution Third-Level Domain Name Resolving Weakness (971888) Downloader File Deletion ActiveX Vulnerability Windows DNS Memory Corruption Vulnerability - Mar09 Autorun Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability (08-038) Internet Security 2009 XSS Vulnerability Windows taskmgr.exe Information Disclosure Vulnerability Flash Player and earlier vulnerability (Win) Organization Chart Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Test Windows NSlookup.exe Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Office Products Version Detection List of Windows Hotfixes Word Could Allow Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Access Snapshot Viewer ActiveX Control Vulnerability Azure AD Connect Privilege Elevation Vulnerability (4033453) Malware Protection Engine on Forefront Security for SharePoint Multiple Vulnerabilities Malware Protection Engine on Security Essentials Multiple Vulnerabilities Malware Protection Engine on Windows Defender Multiple Vulnerabilities enabled. Identity Model Extensions Token Signing Verification Advisory (3214296) Wireless Mouse Input Filtering Improvement Advisory (3152550) Windows Cipher Suites For FalseStart MiTM Vulnerability (3155527) Root Certificate Program SHA-1 Deprecation Advisory (3123479) TLS Session Resumption Interoperability Improvement Advisory (3109853) Inadvertently Disclosed Digital Certificates Advisory (3097966) Cryptographic Cipher Suite Prioritization Advisory (3042058) Digital Certificates Security Advisory (3050995) Update To Improve PKU2U Authentication Security Advisory (3045755) EAP Implementation TLS Information Disclosure Vulnerability (2977292) Services Stop .NET Framework 'RC4' Information Disclosure Vulnerability (2960358) to Improve Credentials Protection and Management (2871997) ASP.NET Insecure Site Configuration Vulnerability (2905247) Digital Certificates Security Advisory (2916652) Remote Desktop Protocol Security Advisory (2861855) Windows ActiveX Control Multiple Vulnerabilities (2820197) IE Information Disclosure and Web Site Spoofing Vulnerabilities Internet Explorer Domain Policy Bypass Vulnerability Windows Minimum Certificate Key Length Spoofing Vulnerability (2661254) Unauthorized Digital Certificates Spoofing Vulnerability (2728973) Sidebar and Gadgets Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (2719662) SMB Signing Disabled Windows Unauthorized Digital Certificates Spoofing Vulnerability (2718704) Windows TrueType Font Parsing Privilege Elevation Vulnerability Issues Affecting Signed Microsoft Binaries (2749655) Windows ActiveX Control Multiple Vulnerabilities (2647518) Windows Fraudulent Digital Certificates Spoofing Vulnerability (2641690) Windows SMB/NETBIOS NULL Session Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Digital Certificates Spoofing Vulnerability (2607712) Windows ActiveX Control Multiple Vulnerabilities (2562937) Digital Certificates Spoofing Vulnerability (2524375) Windows IPv4 Default Configuration Security Bypass Vulnerability WMI Administrative Tools ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities Windows2k3 Active Directory 'BROWSER ELECTION' Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Office Excel 2003 Invalid Object Type Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Excel 2007 Office Drawing Layer Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Office Excel Axis and Art Object Parsing Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities PowerPoint 2007 OfficeArt Atom Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Windows HID Functionality(Over USB) Code Execution Vulnerability Windows Fax Cover Page Editor BOF Vulnerabilities Windows 32-bit Platforms Unspecified vulnerabilities Windows Address Book Insecure Library Loading Vulnerability Windows Progman Group Converter Insecure Library Loading Vulnerability Windows Insecure Library Loading Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities (2269637) Windows Help and Support Center Remote Code Execution Vulnerability .NET 'ASP.NET' Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability .NET '__VIEWSTATE' Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability ASP.NET Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability Associates WebScan ActiveX Control Multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities Windows Indeo Codec Multiple Vulnerabilities Internet Explorer XSS Vulnerability - July09 Windows Server 2003 OpenType Font Engine DoS Vulnerability Windows Server 2003 win32k.sys DoS Vulnerability HTML Help Workshop buffer overflow vulnerability Windows XP SP3 denial of service vulnerability Internet Explorer 'VBScript' Remote Code Execution Vulnerability SharePoint Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability Windows TLS/SSL Spoofing Vulnerability (977377) SpySweeper Enterprise Check Flash Player Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (WinXP) unwanted software Explorer version check Anti Virus Corporate Edition Check Detection Anti Virus Check Internet Explorer Anti-XSS Filter Vulnerabilities Acrobat 9 PDF Document Encryption Weakness Vulnerability (Win) AIR JavaScript Code Execution Vulnerability VPN Client Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Client Is Installed XP SP2 Firewall Critical Update (886185) Code Execution (870763) (network check) in WordPad (885836) in DHCP (885249) (registry check) in HyperTerminal (873339) in Windows Kernel and LSASS (885835) Code Execution (870763) (registry check) Winamp Remote Denial of Service Sun Java Applet Invocation Version Specification Buffer Overflow (830352 - netbios check) Security Update for Internet Explorer (889293) multiple flaws (2) SSH1 protocol version string overflow JRE Java Plug-in JavaScript Security Restriction Bypass Dyke SecureCRT Remote Command Execution Vulnerability Winamp IN_CDDA.dll Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Skin File Remote Buffer Overflow IMG Tag Multiple Vulnerabilities NetDDE Could Allow Code Execution (Netbios Check) NNTP Vulnerability (883935) in Windows Shell (841356) in zipped folders may allow code execution (873376) Excel Code Execution (886836) Update for Microsoft Windows (840987) in NetDDE Could Allow Code Execution (841533) XML Message Handler Denial of Service (824151) default installation file permission flaw Downloaded Files Removal Remote Vulnerabilities Norton AntiVirus Version Detection GDI+ compromise in WordPerfect Converter (884933) multiple flaws multiple flaws Overrun in JPEG Processing (833987) MSN Overflow security manager certificate handling DoS Empty Embedded Object DoS client weak stored password Resource Detection Javascript Denial of Service multiple remote overflows BlackICE Vulnerable config files SSH2 authentication password persistence weakness window title escape character arbitrary command execution remote location object cross-domain scripting vulnerability skin zip file buffer overflow vulnerability web browser news url denial of service vulnerability web browser large javaScript array handling vulnerability web browser file download extension spoofing relative path directory traversal file corruption vulnerability web browser address bar spoofing weakness (2) web browser address bar spoofing weakness Modpow integer handling web browser URI obfuscation Unspecified buffer overflow Cache File SOAPParameter Integer Overlow user interface spoofing enabled (Remote Check) Windows Hotfixes Task Scheduler vulnerability flaws in the Opera web browser (2) Security Update for Outlook Express (823353) overrun in Windows Shell (839645) in HTML Help Could Allow Code Execution (840315) Scheduler Vulnerability (841873) Redirection Vulnerability (841373) (registry check) in POSIX could allow code execution (841872) Manager Could Allow Code Execution (842526) code execution or Download.Ject Trojan Java Runtime Environment DoS Help Center Remote Code Execution (840374) Installation Check player/plug-in Heap overflow Hotfix for KB835732 (SMB check) Update for Outlook Express (837009) Hotfix KB837001 (registry check) Hotfix KB828741 (registry check) Hotfix KB835732 (registry check) Hotfix for KB835732 IIS SSL check BlackICE Vulnerable versions detection Overflows in WS_FTP client Anti Virus Check in Outlook could allow code execution (828040) Messenger Information Disclosure Media Services Remote Denial of Service remote Overflow detection Parsing Vulnerabilities (NTLM check) parsing vulnerability (828028) Buffer Overflow (830352) File Handler Code Execution disabled remover detection SEARCH detection detection TOOLBAR detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection detection DIGITAL detection BUDDY detection detection Buffer Overflow (832483) Privilege Escalation (832759) Mini Remote Control Service Installed files reading Overrun in Windows Help (825119) Multiple MIME Type File Dropping Weaknesses Overflow in the Workstation Service (828749) and/or Excel may allow arbitrary code to run web browser HREF overflow redirection bug Overrun in Messenger Service (real test) Spyware Installed Instant Messenger is Installed's SQL version less than or equal to 7 Registry : permissions of the SNMP key Registry : permissions of the Microsoft Transaction Server key RPC Interface compromise Basic for Application Overflow Macros may run automatically Name Service Reply Information Leakage remote host is infected by msblast.exe Patch for MS SQL Server (815495) MIDI Overflow (819696) in Windows Function may allow DoS (823803) overrun in Windows Shell (821557) in message handling through utility mgr Request Handler Buffer Overflow Media Player Library Access for UPNP/Tcp hosts multiple flaws Voyager Overflow Overflow Overflow Overflow Clear Text Passwords clear-text passwords Patch for Internet Information Services (Q11114) FTP stores passwords in cleartext stores passwords in cleartext Media Framework (JMF) Vulnerability And Zip Overflow Folder Name Overflow DBManager Information Disclosure Media Player Skin Download Overflow Shlwapi.dll Malformed HTML form tag DoS remote heap corruption vulnerability ICQ Vulnerabilities ScriptLogic service is running logging share overrun in NT kernel message handling ISA Server Winsock Proxy DoS (MS03-012) buffer overflow in Microsoft VM (816093) player buffer overflow PNG deflate heap corruption in RPC Endpoint Mapper (MS03-010) Registry : Classic Logon Screen Registry : Do not show the last user name Registry : No dial in Registry : Winlogon caches passwords log in with W32/Deloder passwords!Messenger is installed Messenger is installed in Windows Script Engine (Q814078) flaws in the Opera web browser domains bad verification SQLBase EXECUTE buffer overflow patches for Excel and Word for Windows SQL7.0 Service Pack may leave passwords on system remote host is infected by a virus VM update can lead to Script execution on mail reply issues in the remote version of FlashPlayer SQL Installation may leave passwords on system registry key writeable by non-admins buffer in Windows Shell buffer in ASP.NET worker process buffer in SQLXML patch for Windows Media Player buffer in MDAC Function buffer in Network Share Provider (Q326830) in WinXP Help center could enable file deletion's SQL Version Query Windows Rogue Root Certificate Authorities Detection's SQL Overflows buffer in Locate Service Windows DNS Cache Output Registry : XP Service Pack version hidden share's SQL Hello Overflow RAS overflow (Q318138) on port 445 use host SID to enumerate local users get host SID for UPNP hosts for access via WMI Endpoint Mapper can Cause RPC Service to Fail and MSRPC Services Enumeration TCP the HTTP RPC endpoint mapper and MSRPC Services Enumeration Reporting access violation patch Privilege Escalation's SQL UDP Info Query request to index server Registry : SQL7 Patches file request parsing request to domain controller PPTP Packet Stream vulnerability Mutex vulnerability Registry : permissions of the RAS key TCP/IP packet vulnerability account lockout vulnerability Registry : permissions of WinVNC's key Registry : Win2k Service Pack version and LPC Ports Vulnerabilities patch Windows9x password verification vulnerability Client NTLM Authentication Vulnerability RPC Packet patch Image Service Privilege Escalation patch Security Policy Corruption Shell Path patch Control Manager Named Pipe Impersonation patch Name Server Protocol Spoofing patch messenger service is running alerter service is running Registry : value of SFCDisable ResetBrowser frame & HostAnnouncement flood patc IP fragment reassembly patch not applied (jolt2) Registry : permissions of keys that can change common paths Registry : missing winreg Registry : permissions of keys that can lead to admin Registry : permissions of winlogon fully accessible registry Registry : permissions of HKLM Registry : permissions of Schedule Registry : is the remote host a PDC/BDC Registry : Autologon log in as users Registry : NT4 Service Pack version accessible registry use domain SID to enumerate users get domain SID LanMan Pipe Server browse listing shares access shares enumeration log in Windows Detection Enumerate Services RPC Interface Buffer Overrun (KB824146) NetBIOS to retrieve information from a Windows host Detection Unicenter's Transport Service is running Unicenter's File Transfer Service is running Remote Desktop Protocol Detection

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