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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on June 1st, 2023

F5 Networks - BigIP Market Penetration (by IP Address)
March 1st, 2023

F5 is a company specializing in networking and security products. F5's load balancer is finding its way into many organizations. This report leverages returned information found in the HTTP protocol allowing us to detect the existence of F5 products, and thus report on the market penetration rate of these products.

The detection of F5 is done via two basic mechanisms:

1. The server signature may return back an indicator of "BigIP".

$ telnet 80 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. GET / HTTP/1.0 HTTP/1.0 301 Moved Permanently Location: Server: BigIP Connection: close Content-Length: 0 Connection closed by foreign host. $

2. The cookies returned back may indicate a load balancer is in use.

$ telnet 80 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. GET / HTTP/1.0 HTTP/1.0 301 Moved Permanently Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 Location: Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 19:28:31 GMT Connection: close Content-Length: 151 Set-Cookie: BIGipServerWebCluster_4=1137223872.20480.0000; path=/ Connection closed by foreign host. $

The following graph and table demonstrates the percentage of IP addresses that are indicating one of the above mentioned signatures. The sample size (the # of distinct IP addresses hosting a web server of some sort) is: 4,101,519.

F5 BigIP Historical Market Share Graph

Date BigIP Count IP Address Sample Size % Share % Growth
Feb 202328,0844,101,5190.680.62
Jan 202328,3994,173,1330.681.01
Dec 202228,5684,240,5520.670.53
Nov 202228,7044,283,3920.670.56
Oct 202228,8054,322,6210.67-1.13
Sep 202229,0094,304,1140.670.07
Aug 202229,5944,394,1020.67-0.97
Jul 202229,6894,365,5640.680.19
Jun 202230,0654,429,1480.68-0.30
May 202230,3034,450,6590.680.26
Apr 202230,6034,506,4610.68-0.29
Mar 202230,6454,499,5920.68-0.07
Feb 202231,1184,565,6720.68-0.82
Jan 202231,5174,586,4200.69-0.65
Dec 202131,7354,588,2490.69-0.80
Nov 202132,0664,598,8810.70-1.62
Oct 202132,5974,599,4740.710.43
Sep 202132,7514,641,2480.710.16
Aug 202132,9184,672,4080.70-1.15
Jul 202133,3034,672,7470.71-1.00
Jun 202133,6624,676,0040.72-0.87
May 202133,9134,669,8150.73-0.57
Apr 202134,2264,686,0560.73-0.85
Mar 202134,5934,696,0530.740.46
Feb 202134,7414,738,0680.731.15
Jan 202134,8924,813,3370.720.23
Dec 202035,1024,853,6490.72-0.72
Nov 202035,4534,866,7800.731.03
Oct 202035,8294,969,1780.72-0.13
Sep 202036,1415,005,8690.722.70
Aug 202035,9735,117,2590.70-0.01
Jul 202036,0745,131,2340.700.54
Jun 202036,2725,187,4180.700.46
May 202036,3985,229,6230.700.61
Apr 202036,8075,320,7690.690.85
Mar 202037,0885,406,7280.690.48
Feb 202037,1065,435,3130.68N/A

This report was added to our monthly roster of reports on July 1st, 2015, with backdated reports dating back to July 2002 added on June 23rd, 2015.

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