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Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) Server Survey
July 1st, 2024

Report Description
This report is a comprehensive report involving all RTSP servers we know of visible on the internet. Our crawlers, as part of their ongoing search for new web sites on the web, also make note of links of the form "rtsp://somehost". These links are then visited monthly to determine, if possible, the server type that usually accompanies a banner generated by the remote server.

Basic Response Statistics
When connecting to an RTSP server, a number of different responses are possible. The remote server may not be up and running or completely refusing connections, it may not respond back with a status message, nor will it always provide a banner that identifies the type of software running.

Description Number of Servers Percent
Total Number of RTSP Servers Queried6,002   100.0%
Number of Servers that didn't respond5,98799.75%
    Server didn't open socket3,78263.01%
    Server didn't provide banner2,20536.74%
Server provided banner150.25%
Server banner identifies software in use90.15%

As indicated by the above table, of the 6,002 servers queried, only 9 servers responded with a banner that allow us to identify the software being used. All of the remaining information in this report is based on the responses that allowed us to identify the software in use.

Basic Technology Breakdown
Server Type Number of Servers Percent
Helix Server333.33%
Real Server111.11%

Detailed Breakdown of Revisions on a Per-Server Basis

QTSS (3 servers)

Version Number of Servers Percent

Helix Server (3 servers)

Version Number of Servers Percent

WMServer (2 servers)

Version Number of Servers Percent

Real Server (1 servers)

Version Number of Servers Percent

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